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History of dalaman



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Dalaman is a district of Mugla which carries the traces of many civilizations that were established thousands of years ago on the most fertile lands of Anatolia and even on the world.

It has been under the domination of Caria, Lycia, Lukka, Lelegs, Solymos, Persian, Hellen, Athens, Romans, Arab, Byzantine, the Anatolian beylik of Mentes and Ottomans respectively before the Turkish Republic periods. According to some documents, it is thought that Lycians had lived on these lands for 1600 years.

Dalaman was a municipality by merging Atakent and Koycegiz towns and then it has been become a statue of the town in 1983. It was named Caria in the period of Persian domination in Anatolia. The area has been widely known with the domination of Hidivi Abbas Pasha in the period of Ottoman Empire.

Kapıdag district, Lycian Rock Tombs, Hippokome (horse city), Oktapolis, the ruins of antique city walls at Delikli Kavak district, the ruins of the ancient city walls at Ardıclı Hill, the ruins of Byzantine winehouse at Hisar, the ruins of the city walls and tombs that belong to the Carian period in Serefler village, Gokdag Rock Tombs, Kavaklı Dede Tomb are the most impressive historical places of interest which remains from the former civilization.

Despite of a few archaeological excavations, some of them that were uncovered are present to historical heritage of the region. Euhippe Antique City is thought to be established at today's Alacatlı village.


When you go to Dalaman; Lydae ancient city at the historic Kapıdag district, Lissa ancient city, Crya, Cleopatra’s Bath, Serefler village, Kozpınar village, the rock tombs, the tomb at Kargıntur, Antique Blacksmith Market at Gurkoy, Monastery and Madrasa at Karaagac, Lycian King Tombs at Gokdag, Şerefler Tomb, the sunken ship within Tim's boundaries of Dalaman Stream, the ruins of Sahin Hill and Gokdag, Ucgul, Dumlu and Akpınar Plateaus at Cognem, Sweet gum Forests, the old drawbridge and Ak Bridge, Hippokome ancient city at Kavacık, Oktapolis ancient city at Bozbel and its king tombs, Hisar and Ilıca ancient settlements at Gurleyik are the primary addresses of history, culture and religious tourism and are worth a visit.

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